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Home Building Centre Gravenhurst — A Leading Muskoka Supplier of Wood, Gas and Pellet Stoves, Inserts and Fireplaces.

At the Home Building Centre in Gravenhurst we have a wide selection of wood, gas and pellet stoves, inserts and fireplaces. Come visit our hearth showroom. With a variety of units on display, you will be amazed at how many there are to choose from.

We would be glad to help you select the Fireplace, Woodstove, or Insert most suited to your style, taste and heating needs. Based on your input, we can provide an estimate to help you evaluate your best options. As we work together, we’ll also provide a more formal estimate, with accurate measurements taken by one of our specialists in your home or cottage.

We’ll help you select the hearth products that will add warmth, ambiance, style and energy efficiency to your home or cottage year round.

What can we do for you and your hearth project?

• Provide a no-charge hearth consultation
• Accurately measure for hearth products
• Listen, identify your needs and tastes, and help you make the right design and product decisions
• Provide a detailed written proposal, including project price and a completion date
• Schedule deliveries and supervise installation by insured, qualified local hearth installers
• Perform a post-project follow-up to ensure your satisfaction
• Provide a superior customer experience

We welcome you to call or stop by our Muskoka showroom to learn more about the exceptional hearth products and services offered by the Home Building Centre in Gravenhurst.

Below are some of our suppliers of Wood and Gas stoves, Inserts, and Fireplaces

Wood stoves

If you enjoy the experience of tending to a wood fire and want to heat your home or cottage more efficiently, a freestanding wood stove may be the ideal choice for your Muskoka home. Contemporary wood-burning stoves are recommended by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) because they are both efficient and earth-friendly. Complete combustion within the firebox means very little smoke will exit your chimney.

Above: Modern Wood Stove by Osburn

Wood fireplace inserts

Muskoka residents know that there are few things in a home that can compare, for atmosphere or ambience, to the crackle of a wood-burning fire. Unfortunately, many older fireplaces are not effective at heating a home or cottage. At the Home Building Centre’s Gravenhurst hearth department, there is a solution. Fireplace inserts can help convert an old, inefficient fireplace into a cost-effective heating source for your home or cottage. Wood fireplace inserts maintain the traditional look and experience of a wood fire while also producing an efficient source of heat.

Above: Wood Burning Fireplace Insert

Pellet stoves

Enjoy traditional warmth and beauty while taking pride in the knowledge that you have selected an environmentally-friendly heat source. Operating a pellet stove is as simple as pulling out the hopper and pouring the pellets in. They produce zero smoke, so you won’t have to worry about “smoking out” a room. And there’s very little external heat, which makes them ideal for families with children or pets. Pellet stoves provide clean burning, cost-efficient heating for your Muskoka home or cottage. The Home Building Centre in Gravenhurst sells South Muskoka’s most extensive variety of pellet stoves and pellet fireplace inserts.

Above: Pellet Stove

Pellet fireplace inserts

Do you like the idea of your wood-burning fireplace but would prefer something easier to operate? A pellet insert may be the perfect solution. Consider turning an old, inefficient fireplace into a cost-effective source of heat for your home or cottage with a pellet fireplace insert from the Home Building Centre in Gravenhurst.

Above: Modern Wood Stove by Osburn

Gas fireplaces

Warmth and ambiance at your fingertips. It doesn’t get much simpler than the ease of a gas fireplace. Forget about the mess of a wood burning fire without sacrificing any of the beauty and Muskoka ambiance.

Above: direct vent gas fireplace

Gas fireplace inserts

Do you prefer the look of a wood burning fireplace but want to avoid some of the maintenance? You may wish to consider an upgrade to a gas fireplace insert. Replacing your existing wood-burning fireplace with an efficient and low-maintenance gas insert is a choice that many Muskoka homeowners are making.

Above: Gas Insert

Gas stoves

Easy, efficient, functional and beautiful. If you enjoy the appearance of a wood-burning stove but would appreciate something with less maintenance, a gas stove may fit the bill. Whether you wish to enhance your home with modern styling or would like to maintain some Old World charm with a classic design, the options and styles for gas stoves are wide ranging.

All of Home Building Centre Gravenhurst’s hearth installers are fully insured with WSIB coverage.

Our installers back their work and we back their work. This provides our customers with two layers of protection.

Above: Direct Vent Gas Stove

Do you have hearth or fireplace products or installation questions?

Give our hearth department a call today at (705) 687-2289, or visit our showroom located at: 1111 Highway 169, Gravenhurst.

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