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Muskoka is a legendary place to build your new home or cottage, and at the Home Building Centre Gravenhurst, we know that making your dream a reality is about a lot more than just lumber. As a Beaver Homes and Cottages dealer, we help our clients build with confidence.

Beaver Homes and Cottages feature exceptional design, utilizing natural elements to create open and inviting spaces with great function—delivered with enthusiasm and extraordinary craftsmanship.

Timberframe home in the Muskoka's with a cottage feel Washago

Adding Function and Building Value in Muskoka

Beaver Homes and Cottages is a leader in the home building industry in Muskoka and throughout Canada because of our commitment to incorporating functionality into all new home and cottage designs. We want to help you enhance your lifestyle—creating an easy, efficient, useful living space where you can enjoy your day-to-day activities. Whether you select a standard Beaver Homes and Cottage model or would like to have our Architectural Solutions Group modify a model to meet your specific needs, the finished design will meet the requirements of Canada’s National and Provincial Building Codes. Beaver Homes and Cottages designs are formed around the understanding that the most important inspiration behind your home or cottage should be you and your family. We want you to come home to a space that you love.

At Home Building Centre in Gravenhurst, we want you to be successful in your Muskoka home or cottage building project.

A successful build means being on time, on budget and on spec. That’s why we back up all of our packages with our exclusive guarantee. At The Home Building Centre Gravenhurst, the price of the Premium Material Package as originally described in the agreement to purchase, will not increase from the commencement of the project through completion, in normal construction time.

Chris Hamilton

Chris Hamilton, HBC Gravenhurst’s Beaver Home and Cottage Consultant, has more than thirty years’ experience in the construction industry. Having grown up involved in his family’s construction business in cottage country, Chris spent fifteen years working as a licensed carpenter and general contractor. For the last twenty years, Chris has broadened his building experience working in a retail setting as an Estimator and Contractor Sales Associate. Since spending many years helping contractors and homeowners navigate the building process, Chris understands the steps required to obtain the finest results. Driven by a desire to help others have the best building experience possible, Chris is excited to support you on your journey of making your dream home a reality.

Timberframe home in the Muskoka's with a cottage feel Eddystone

How to get started with Beaver Home and Cottages on your Muskoka Building Project

Step 1

Choose a plan from this book, or with your consultant sketch out a plan of your own that includes all the features you want.

Step 2

Home Hardware’s architectural solutions group will provide your consultant with a set of sketches, called quarter prints, that will include the floor plan and elevations (exterior views) of the house. On these quarter prints, changes that you would like to see are marked. That’s called redlining. The sketches are revised accordingly and a new set provided.

Step 3

Review the revised quarter prints to determine if the changes are to your liking. Be sure to ask yourself, and the Home Consultant, all the necessary questions about the house and its layout. You can find a comprehensive list of questions in the booklet Drawing Conclusions, available from your Beaver Home & Cottage Consultant.

Step 4

If additional changes are required, repeat the process by redlining the sketches again. Two full sets of changes are included. Once all your questions are answered and the design reflects your desires, a full set of architectural drawings is completed. Then, let the building begin. A non-refundable deposit that will be applied to your premium material package is required to initiate a preliminary drawing process. Your modified construction drawings are provided as part of your premium material package at no extra charge.

Guaranteed Plans*

Whether you choose a standard model from this book, or have our in-house designers modify a plan to your specifications, the finished construction drawings will meet or exceed the National Building Code of Canada, as well as Provincial Codes in effect at the time the drawings were ordered.

*Valid with a signed and accepted agreement to purchase for a Beaver Home & Cottage Material Supply Package.

Timberframe home in the Muskoka's with a cottage feel Magnetawan

Beaver Homes and Cottages – Muskoka Design Gallery

To view other samples of all Beaver Homes and Cottages designs, visit or view our in store Design Book.

To find out more about Beaver Homes and Cottages in Muskoka, contact the Home Building Centre Gravenhurst or register on the Beaver Homes & Cottages website to view pricing and customize the look of your favourite home plan.

When you register, please be sure to select Home Building Centre Gravenhurst as your preferred store; this will ensure you stay up to date on all local Muskoka store events and promotions.

Home Building Centre Gravenhurst

Thank you for your interest in Beaver Homes and Cottages.

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